Matthias Planitzer

His Master’s Voice

"His Master’s Voice" (03:16), 2022 (video still)
4K video, stereo sound
"His Master’s Voice" (03:16), 2022 (excerpt)
4K video, stereo sound

What does a newborn artificial intelligence see and understand about the visual world around it that it is tasked to learn from? By giving it a voice of its own, it can share its endeavour, its insights and doubts, as well as its challenges posed by a fervent pursuit of the mundane and simple purpose it was given.

“His Master’s Voice” was solely created from AI generated sources. Its visual aspect is a random walk through the latent space of an untrained CPPN, mapped to monochrome dimensions. Speech was synthesised from publicly available voice samples by Alan Rickman reading out a script written by GPT-3, prompted to the topic of the work. Finally, the music was generated following a set of style parameters.