Matthias Planitzer

Image visions

"Da Vinci (Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité)", 2017
C-Print, 75 x 50cm
"AMI Awacs (Militärhistorisches Museum Dresden)", 2017
C-Print, 75 x 50cm
"Elmiskop 1A (Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité)", 2017
C-Print, 75 x 50cm

We perceive our surroundings with an increasing use of technical appliances. Imaging technologies assume a crucial role, especially in science and military, to discover the world and let the invisible become apparent, almost tangent. To this end, many of these devices create their own visual systems which already include their very own argumentative frame of reference as well as all the observable phenomenons depicted within. They employ their own aesthetic self-conception and become dominant factors to understand the microcosm they grant access to. However, they are still subject to the processes of theory construction, revision and rebuttal which created them in the first place. Once their service was not needed anymore, many of these visual systems found their way out of laboratories, surgical theatres and situation rooms into archives, museums and scrapyards.

For “Image visions” I seek out these decommissioned appliances and portray them within their new environments.