After Germany’s pub­lic voiced its out­rage on data pri­vacy, Google dis­con­tin­ued to gather fur­ther mate­r­ial for its ser­vice Street View in 2011. How­ever, the already cre­ated and pub­lished image data remains acces­si­ble, estab­lish­ing Street View as a widely pop­u­lar way to dis­cover dis­tant and near places, soon begin­ning to influ­ence the way we per­ceive and think of them. With­out any future updates, Google Street View pre­serves detailed cityscapes how they existed in a brief period of almost three years, effec­tively chron­i­cling a his­toric impres­sion which also included iconic build­ings and views that have already van­ished due to con­tro­ver­sial polit­i­cal deci­sions and tragic disasters.